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Are you in Omokoroa and want to dispose of your old, damaged, or unwanted vehicle? Snap Dismantlers is an excellent choice if you want a fair cash price for car removal in Omokoroa. We’re well-known in your area for removing trucks and cars and recycling their parts for reuse. Omokoroa locals trust us for car removal, so you can count on us for a speedy and efficient process. We’ll respond to your query promptly and offer you a fair price for your old, wrecked, or unused car.

The Snap Dismantlers team are experts at recycling all kinds of vehicles. We help save cars and trucks from landfill, contributing to making New Zealand more environmentally friendly and sustainable. So, when you choose us for your car removal in Omokoroa, you’re helping save NZ and the planet. Plus, you’ll get some extra cash as a bonus!

About Snap Dismantlers Omokoroa

Snap Dismantlers have more than 13 years of experience with Omokoroa car removal. We’ve built up a solid name over that time for the great service and fair cash prices we offer for unwanted or wrecked vehicles. Our friendly team will contact you right away to set up a suitable time to collect your old car, truck, bus, or van from anywhere in Omokoroa and the surrounding area. We’re not far away if you’re looking for car removal in Hamilton too!

We’re not only known for car removal in Omokoroa; we also supply genuine used car or truck parts through our scrap facility in Putaruru. We can send them to you anywhere in New Zealand for a small fee too.

Our experienced and skilled auto dismantlers are experts at removing, then disassembling, all types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. We are detailed when we dismantle old or unwanted cars, so we can salvage as many usable car parts as possible.

We’re not just keen to help you dispose of your old vehicle; we also want to secure the future by maximising the potential of the parts we salvage. Our goal is to extract every reusable vehicle component and recover as many parts as possible for refurbishment, which helps cut down the amount that ends up in landfills.

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Cash for your car

Get up to $12,000 cash for your unwanted car, van, or truck. No vehicle is damaged too much for recycling. Our easy 4-step process makes it simple to sell.

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Free car removaL

It takes one call for quick, easy, and 100% FREE car or truck removal in Omokoroa. We remove unwanted cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks, no matter their condition.

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Quality used parts

We sell top-quality used car and truck parts for most makes and models at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a new part. Visit our yard in Putaruru or ask us to ship nationwide.

Why choose Snap Dismantlers

You’re making a sound choice when you ask Snap Dismantlers for car removal in Omokoroa. You’re helping reduce waste and supporting efforts to preserve our environment. Plus, you’ll get some handy cash as a thank you!

We work hard to reuse any car parts we can’t sell or recycle. For example, many of our scrap tyres are used by local farmers in the Waikato area. We want to make sure every step of the Snap Dismantlers car removal process contributes to keeping New Zealand clean and environmentally friendly.

Our eco-friendly methods include safely disposing of batteries, repurposing unusable glass, and reusing plastic materials. We also take care of unwanted oils, fluids, and coolants in an environmentally conscious manner.

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Why work with us

Our simple and transparent four-step procedure makes it quick and easy to have your old and unwanted vehicle removed, giving you a straightforward car recycling experience. Here’s how our process works: Give us a call and we’ll give you a quote, agree on a price, and arrange a convenient time to remove your unwanted vehicle. That’s how easy it is to sell your old, damaged, or unwanted vehicle with Snap Dismantlers!

Contact us today to find out how much cash you could get for your old or damaged vehicle and arrange your free car or truck removal in Omokoroa.


Selling your unwanted vehicle to Snap Dismantlers requires minimal paperwork. This simplifies the process and lets us provide you with a quick and fair quote. When we come to remove your vehicle, we only need proof of your identity.

The price we offer for your old or unwanted vehicle depends on several factors like its age, make, condition, and where you’re located. On average, we pay at least $200. Please note that specific terms and conditions may apply.

We specialise in car removal in Omokoroa and the surrounding area. If you’re a bit further away, get in touch anyway, and we’ll see if we can arrange collection.

We accept vehicles of any make and model, including cars, vans, and trucks. We’re particularly interested in popular models. Your unwanted vehicle doesn’t need a valid Warrant of Fitness (WoF) or registration (rego), and it doesn’t even have to be in working condition for us to offer you a fair cash price for it.

Visit our yard at 89 Princes Street, Putaruru or give us a call on 022 080 0966 to find out if we’ve got the part you need. We can then ship it to you no matter where you are in NZ. You’ll also find us on TradeMe.

Call us on 022 080 0966, complete our online enquiry form, or visit our yard at 89 Princes Street, Putaruru.

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