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Exploring options for your unwanted Mitsubishi? Snap Dismantlers Hamilton has you covered! Hamilton’s top Mitsubishi auto wreckers are here to help you. You can get cash back if you want to dispose of your old, damaged, or non-functioning Mitsubishi.

Our expertise lies in offering specialised car wrecker and auto dismantling services. Apart from disassembling Mitsubishis, we’re also experts at salvaging parts and recycling materials unique to Mitsubishi vehicles. Trust your beloved Mitsubishi to our professional truck wreckers Hamilton team.

What can we do for your used Mitsubishi?

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Maximise Returns

When it’s time to say farewell to your Mitsubishi, you’re not just letting us take the hassle from your hands, you also stand to get some cash. Cashback amounts of up to $12,000 await as we expertly handle your Mitsubishi’s dismantling.

Specialist Toyota Wreckers

Environmentally Sound Solutions

Beyond the cash you’ll get, our priority also lies in environmental awareness. Mitsubishi parts and materials undergo meticulous recycling, which helps minimise our planet’s carbon footprint. You can rest assured that we take care of the planet at every step.
Specialist Toyota Wreckers

Unmatched Convenience

Say goodbye to worries about what to do with your unwanted vehicle! We offer a hassle-free collection service for your Mitsubishi, at no cost to you. Our team handles the transport, saving you time and money.
Specialist Toyota Wreckers

Sustainability at Heart

Join us in our commitment to sustainable practices. Your Mitsubishi’s journey with us prioritises our planet, ensuring a guilt-free farewell for you.
Specialist Toyota Wreckers

Your Mitsubishi, Our Expertise

Having spent years with your Mitsubishi, you are aware of its value. Entrust its farewell to us; we’re experts who understand and appreciate the legacy and quality of Mitsubishi vehicles.
Specialist Toyota Wreckers

Beyond Disposal

At our Mitsubishi auto wreckers in Hamilton, it’s not just about saying goodbye. It’s also about extending the life of usable parts and contributing to a greener future for our planet.

Ready to say goodbye to your Mitsubishi?

Explore our services tailored for Mitsubishi owners:
Specialist Toyota Wreckers

Cash incentives

Earn up to $12,000 cash when you recycle your unwanted Mitsubishi with us.
Specialist Toyota Wreckers

Free car removal

We offer a free pickup service for your Mitsubishi, saving you costs and stress.
Specialist Toyota Wreckers

Environmentally conscious

Your Mitsubishi will be recycled in a way that prioritises our environment’s well-being.

Why choose Snap Dismantlers

Our goal is to make your experience with us easy and enjoyable. You can dispose of your Mitsubishi in a few simple steps. We make it easy for you to get a quote, agree on a price, and schedule a collection with Snap Dismantlers!

Our team will confirm your car or truck’s value and arrange for the free removal of your unwanted vehicle. Contact us today for more information.


There is a minimal amount of paperwork needed to sell your unwanted vehicle, so we can give you a fair, instant quote. When we collect your vehicle, we simply need proof of identity.
The price we offer for your unwanted vehicle varies according to its condition, location, make, and age. However, the average minimum is $200. Please remember that terms and conditions apply.
We offer car removal and truck removal right across Hamilton and the surrounding area. If you are further out, simply get in touch and we’ll discuss if we can collect it from your location.
We take any kind of car, van, or truck and we’re always looking out for the more popular makes and models like Mitsubishi. Your unwanted vehicle doesn’t need a valid WoF, Rego, or even be driveable.

Visit our yard at 89 Princes Street, Putaruru or give us a call on 022 080 0966 to find out if we’ve got the part you want. We can then ship it to you. You’ll also find us on TradeMe.

Call us on 022 080 0966, complete our online enquiry form, or visit our yard at 89 Princes Street, Putaruru.

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