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When you are considering recycling your Subaru Car Wreckers Hamilton can help you. Our company is your local Subaru dismantler in Hamilton. Our Subaru disposal services can help you dispose of non-functional, old, or damaged vehicles for cash. That’s right, cash for cars in Hamilton.

With years of experience in the car wrecking and auto dismantling industry, we are expert Subaru car wreckers. As a result of our dismantling experience, we have found ways to salvage Subaru-specific parts and recycle Subaru materials. We are experienced Subaru mechanics who understand these cars’ intricacies so you can rest assured your Subaru will be handled well.

Do you have a question about Subaru car wreckers?

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What are the benefits of sending my Subaru to a Subaru Dismantler in Hamilton?

Subaru owners already know what Subarus have to offer. Recycling your car after it has served its purpose also has its advantages.
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What can be salvaged?

It is often possible to salvage parts from a Subaru even if it is damaged or nonfunctional. When components are in good condition, they can still be sold as used parts or refurbished.
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What can be reused?

Like any other vehicle, Subarus contain various materials that can be recycled. These include metals, plastics, glass, and fluids. Subaru cars could be recycled or repurposed in certain parts or materials. Subaru Dismantler Hamilton is committed to recycling parts without harming the environment.
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What is special about bringing my Subaru in?

Subarus are known for their reliability and quality. A Subaru may still be in better condition than other makes or models even if it is being sent to our Subaru Dismantler in Hamilton due to damage.
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What about the environment?

Subaru places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. By disposing of Subaru vehicles with a reputable wrecker like HCW, you ensure that they will be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Do you have a Subaru you want to bring in?

Excellent! Below are our services.
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Cashback for your car

Bring your Subaru in for recycling and we’ll pay you up to $12,000 cash.
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Free car removal

You can have any Subaru collected from you and brought to our site for free. Our free service reduces stress and costs for you.
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Environmentally conscious

Our entire process takes our environment into account. Feel good knowing your Subaru will be recycled in a way that will not harm the environment.

Why choose Snap Dismantlers

We strive to make your experience with us as easy and enjoyable as possible. You can quickly dispose of your Subaru with our easy process. Call us, get a quote, agree on a price, and then arrange a collection – that’s how easy it is with Snap Dismantlers!

Contact us today to find out how much you could get for your unwanted vehicle and arrange for free car or truck removal.


There is a minimal amount of paperwork needed to sell your unwanted vehicle, so we can give you a fair, instant quote. When we collect your vehicle, we simply need proof of identity.
The price we offer for your unwanted vehicle varies according to its condition, location, make, and age. However, the average minimum is $200. Please remember that terms and conditions apply.
We offer car removal and truck removal right across Hamilton and the surrounding area. If you are further out, simply get in touch and we’ll discuss if we can collect it from your location.
We take any kind of car, van, or truck and we’re always looking out for the more popular makes and models like Subaru. Your unwanted vehicle doesn’t need a valid WoF, Rego, or even be driveable.

Visit our yard at 89 Princes Street, Putaruru or give us a call on 022 080 0966 to find out if we’ve got the part you want. We can then ship it to you. You’ll also find us on TradeMe.

Call us on 022 080 0966, complete our online enquiry form, or visit our yard at 89 Princes Street, Putaruru.

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